• Daniel Vlasits

3D Printed Masks

As I own a Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer I wanted to see if I could help out by printing face masks. After contacting my local surgery I found out they were indeed in urgent need of face masks.

Initially, I found 3 different mask options:

  1. The mask by Prusa

  2. These made by Hintech_Pula

  3. And the masks by Verkstan

I started with the Hinteck_Pula masks you can see a finished one below:

These were good as they were fast to print but had the drawback that the slot the acetate sheet went into was very thin and my cheap 3D printer couldn't handle the gap and it would often fuse. The part also needed clips to hold the sheet in place which occasionally popped out and therefore overall did not feel like a solid solution.

I also tried the Verkstan masks however I thought they were way too flimsy to be used continuously as face masked.

Finally, I tried the Prusa masks which felt by far the most sturdy and professional solution. They also came with a part you could print for the bottom so the sheet was curved enough. Here is a single finished Prusa mask without the bottom attachment:

The holes in the acetate were made with hole punches and the curves cut with a crafts knife. I also got thick rubber bands which I could cut to form strips and then hole punch for a variable head strap.

These made up the bulk of what I sent off and I ended up producing 30 for my local surgery and 20 for a local care company.

I did not realize how important the masks were for them until I received a lovely handwritten letter from one of the doctors explaining how much safer they felt going into work with the masks and how much of a shortage of masks there were.

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