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Ray Tracing!!!!!!

I am currently doing an "Introduction to Graphics" at University. One of the assignments we had was to do some of the implementation for...

3D Printed Masks

As I own a Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D printer I wanted to see if I could help out by printing face masks. After contacting my local surgery...

Software Analyser Download!!

Coursework project to create a software analyser for python is complete. Download below: Software Analyser Version 1.0: Download the zip...

Automatic Roller Blinds

For my tech project, I decided to make an automatic roller blind. I used Solidworks a lot to design the product and then coded in python....

A-Level CourseWork

I am going to talk about an interesting part of my ongoing Computer Science Coursework as I am finding it fascinating. A part of my...

Project Euler - Diophantine Equation

Project Euler is a great website for solving problems you can read up on it here: I have had a lot of fun doing Project Euler problems...

Pi Wars

This year I took part in piWars (piwars.org) in a team of 3. Here is the video we made showcasing the event. I detail some specific...

Tennis Ball Collector

This year I also worked on the code for a tennis ball collector here is a montage of it in action: When the robot is on the concrete it...

Project Euler- memoization

I wanted to talk about something I learnt that I found really interesting called memoization. Memoization is where recursive functions...

Turing Tumble

Turing Tumble is a game I found in the raspberry pi shop where you have to solve problems by placing parts on a grid and then letting...



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